NJCAA Academic All-Americans
Jul 7, 2016

The following student-athletes have been awarded NJCAA honors for their academic achievement.

Below is a listing of the three NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards with the qualifying grade-point average for each honor:

Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence: 4.00 GPA

Carlyn Jackson- Volleyball

Kaitlyn Shoemaker- Women's Cross Country

Kaitlyn Shoemaker-Women's Indoor Track & Field

Kaitlyn Shoemaker-Women's Outdoor Track & Field

Jacob Butterfield- Baseball

Breanna Dinkel- Softball

Shane Walden- Golf

Superior Academic Achievement Award: 3.80-3.99 GPA

Andria Dowell- Volleyball

Hannah Liggett- Volleyball

Kyra Moore- Volleyball

Samantha Cloe- Volleyball

Caleb Cowsert- Men's Soccer

Zach Burgey- Men's Soccer

Jeremy Brittain- Men's Cross Country

Shekinah Flores- Women's Soccer

Addison Haar- Women's Basketball

Ashley Washington- Women's Basketball

Haley Wilson- Women's Basketball

Josephine Reilly- Women's Basketball

Rachael Bruce- Women's Basketball

Jeremy Brittain- Men's Indoor Track & Field

Alexis Campuzano- Softball

Ashley Womack- Softball

Madison McGinness- Softball

Calan Castle- Baseball

Carson Crow- Baseball

Chandler Crow- Baseball

Derek Sallee- Baseball

Jeremy Brittain- Men's Outdoor Track & Field

Exemplary Academic Achievement Award: 3.60-3.79 GPA

Leah Hiebert- Volleyball

Joely Roe- Volleyball

Kwame Boateng- Men's Soccer

Stefano Pezzino- Men's Soccer

Kristina Silvers- Women's Cross Country

Rachel Nincehelser- Women's Soccer

Sadie Harper- Women's Soccer

Madison Evans- Women's Soccer

Kristina Silvers- Women's Indoor Track & Field

Ashley Sally- Women's Basketball

Sarah Poe- Women's Basketball

Cole Brockman- Men's Indoor Track & Field

Ali Morris- Softball

Caitlin Burns- Softball

Paige Dugger- Softball

Raegan Beckley- Softball

Danial Wilson- Baseball

Gabe Gomez- Baseball

Gunar Drinnen- Baseball

Torrence Sumerlin- Baseball

Tristan Johnson- Baseball

Drake Dieker- Golf

Cole Brockman- Men's Outdoor Track & Field

Kristina Silvers- Women's Outdoor Track & Field