Men's Cross Country Red Devil Classic

by TIMOTHY EVERSON The Iola Register – August 28th, 2017

Allen Community College head coach Vince DeGrado surprised his men's team for the first meet of the season. 
On Friday, not only did the Red Devils compete against other teams that had traveled to Iola to compete in the Red Devil Classic, they also competed against themselves. He split the teams evenly with half wearing Black Allen jersey's the other half wearing Red jersey's.  
"Splitting the teams up was to make it fun for them," DeGrado said. "It was a small enough meet and they found themselves racing a red or a black jersey along with the other runners even though they were teammates."

Even with the dominant performance, DeGrado said that his athletes struggled with some early season fatigue that held them back. 
"I knew they weren't going to have their legs underneath them and I told them that they wouldn't," DeGrado said. "Even if I say they still get disappointed if they didn't run well because they were tired." 
The course which starts on the front lawn of the college and wrapped up on the Red Devil soccer field played well as the conditions over the past several days paved the way for a smooth race.

"This is the fastest this course had ran ever and I haven't changed it," DeGrado said. "I think it's because it hasn't really rained. It's not hilly by any means but it's not flat either which allowed us to get rolling."
The men took places two through four with sophomore Paul Becker leading the way with a time of 15:34.52 followed by sophomore Ludreche Glasgow who ran the course with a time of 15:45.32 and sophomore Anthony Glasgow who finished with a time of 15:46.47. 
"I was really pleased with the men's team," DeGrado said. "They finished 4th in the nation last year and we return most of our top runners and I know they have a huge upside. I was very pleased with the effort. Even though the guys got tired they still were able to keep pushing forward which I was very pleased with their effort."

Up next, Allen County will head to Memphis, Tenn. on Saturday to compete in the Brooks Memphis Twilight Race