Where Have They Gone

Former Red Devils

Matt Phipps C Western Kentucky University - D1
Skyler Culver 1B Arkansas State University - D1
Jared Cooper RHP Tabor College - NAIA
Conner Darnell RHP Columbia College - NAIA
Reid Browning RHP Columbia College - NAIA
Tony Dougan INF Park University - NAIA
Jacob Hollingsworth LHP Columbia College - NAIA
Aaron Mason OF Doane University - NAIA
Josh Mann INF Doane University - NAIA
Trace Embray RHP Grandview University - NAIA
Jason Porter Jr. LHP University of Arkansas Fort Smith - D2
Hector Abreu RHP University of the Cumberlands - NAIA
Chase Gooding RHP University of North Carolina at Charlotte - D1 - North Carlolina
Roberto Enriquez OF Indiana State University - D1 - Indiana
Kole McKinnon C University of Louisiana at Lafayette - D1 - Louisiana
Jesse Kutzke RHP Arkansas State University - D1 - Arkansas
AJ Rolle RHP Georgia State University - D1 - Georgia
Jacob Butterfield LHP Washburn University - D2 - Kansas
Joseph Polanksi RHP Point Loma University - D2- California
Cody Wolfe 2B Southwestern College - NAIA - Kansas
Derek Sallee RHP Columbia College of Missouri - NAIA -  Missouri
Ku'Ron Summons OF Central Baptist College - NAIA - Arkansas
Danial Wilson RHP Grambling State University - D1 - Louisiana
Fabio Gonzalez RHP Texas Southern University - D1 - Texas
Gabe Gomez OF University of San Francisco - D1 - California
Brett Nice LHP McNeese State University - D1 - Louisiana
Torrence Sumerlin C/3B University of South Alabama - D1 - Alabama
Ben Aslett SS University of Tennessee at Martin - D1 - Tennessee
Jordan Musser RHP Washburn University - D2 - Kansas
Nathan Strobel RHP Drury University - D2 - Missouri
Caeden Harris OF Saint Cloud State University - D2 - Minnesota
Gunnar Drinnen SS/2B Columbus State University - D2 - Georgia
Beau Zeihen RHP University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point - D2 - Wisconsin
Torey Jordan Jr. OF Northeastern Oklahoma State University - D2 - Oklahoma
Tristian Johnson RHP Lewis University - D3 - Illinois
Dylan Warner OF University of South Carolina at Beaufort - NAIA - S. Carolina
Chandler Crow 1B Mesa University - NAIA - Arizona
Carson Crow RHP Mesa University - NAIA - Arizona
Ryne Martinez   Sienna Univeristy - D1 - New York
Jeremy Thomas   Texas Southern University - D1 - Texas
Taylor Mah   University of Nebraska at Kearney - D2 - Nebraska
Blake Ware   McPherson College - NAIA - Kansas
Jerrik Sigg OF Wichita State University
Tanner Lee P/1B Newman University
Tim Lewis OF University of Maryland
Jake Johnson P Baker University
Brodie Mitchell P NW Ohio State University
Troy Willoughby INF Youngstown University
Lucas Westervelt P Pittsburg State University
Nate Arnold C/OF/P Pittsburg State University
Joe Mapes INF Fort Hays State University
Seth Jones P Baker University
Garrett Hess INF Northeastern Oklahoma State University
Caleb Wilburn INF Ohio State University
Travis Stafford INF University of Western Illinois
Kyle Johnston OF Newman University
Zac Mickens P Newman University
Tevin Kendall OF Kansas Weslyan College
Drake Koerner C Friends University
Nathan Russell OF Northern State University
Eric Seymour INF Grand Canyon University
Brad Alberts INF Washburn Univeristy
Miles Sanderson C Baker University
Cody Wren P Pittsburg State University
Brayden Brumley INF Oklahoma City University
Curtiss Bunch INF Bradley University
Nick Fountain OF University of Southern Arkansas
Kaleb Hoffman   University of Central Oklahoma
Riley Price INF University of Southern Arkansas
Michael Schell C Henderson State University
Bryce Williams OF Georgia State University
Michael Moore P Arkansas Tech University
Michael Samuel INF Wayne State University
Wyatt Hall INF Washburn University
Marcus Peavler OF Washburn University
Matt Stalcup P Pittsburg State University
David Ormiston P Arkansas Tech University
Aaron Burke P Coastal Carolina University
Mark Thompson P Arkansas Tech University
Ryan Reddick C Pittsburg State University
Ben Pearson P Kearney State University
Connor McCrite INF University of Nebraska-Omaha
Spencer Putman C Tabor College
Hazlett, Dillon INF University of North Carolina
Hosey, Jake P Emporia State University
Faulkner, Brandon P Kansas State University
Ward, Josh INF University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Rister, Ben P William Jewell College
Herrig, Ryan OF Avila College
Dutton, Seth INF Southeastern Oklahoma State U.
Dodson, Zach P Emporia Sate University
Hood, Scott INF South Dakota State University
Ice, Travis INF Washburn University
Barnes, Chris P Pittsburg State University
Filer, Jeremy C Pittsburg State University
Bean, Tyler P Missouri State University
Kraft, Jake P William Jewell College
Hoag, Brenden P Missouri Southern University
Herrig, Tyler OF Florida Atlantic University
Holiday, Thomas OF Washburn University
Lisher, Brett INF University of Kansas
Reason, John P University of Central Oklahoma
Hosey, Joe 3B Washburn University
Kelly, Charles RHP Washburn University
Bryan, Todd RHP University of Northern Alabama
Braeckel, Eric RHP University of Northern Kentucky
Volk, John LHP University of Alabama-Birmingham
Irvin, Richie C University of Central Arkansas
Jones, Randy RHP Rogers State College
Warkentine, Brett OF Friends University
Bayless, Keith RHP Washburn University
Page, Matt   Pittsburg State University
Stahl, Luke   University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Maxwell, Andrew   University of Western Illinois
Graves, Chris   University of Western Illinois
Phillips, Aaron   Liberty University
Mack, Bobby   Grandview College
Schulz, Eric   Rogers State College
Littlejohn, Ryan   Rogers State College
Ferris, Joel   Friends University
Rodrigues, Joe C University of Western Illinois
Madill, Aaron RHP University of Western Illinois
Luebber, Wyatt RHP University of Western Illinois
Wadsworth, Ryan OF University of Western Illinois
Dinger, Darrel RHP Mississippi Valley State University
Wheeler, Cliff 2B Mississippi Valley State University
Laughlin, Tom RHP Cornell University
Beason, Seth 1B Friends University
Kasitz, Lance 3B Newman University
Butler, Nick   Ft. Hayes State University
McCulloch, Chris   Southern Illinois University
McLean, Brett   University of Missouri-Rolla
Enlow, Nick   University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Smith, James   Oral Roberts University
Clendenning, Doug   Panhandle State University
Townsley, Travis   Panhandle State University
Tecumseh, Aaron   Panhandle State University
*Records Since 2004